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Sharing hidden lockdown stories with The Lothian Diary Project

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us in a variety of ways. It has changed our daily routines, the way we work, the way we have fun and the way we communicate, and we all have our own unique stories about how our lives have been changed as a result. 

However, while all of us have a story to tell, some may not be as easy to hear as others. 

Through Sharing Hidden Lockdown Stories, at the ESRC Festival of Social Science, we hope to discuss and discover the voices of the Lothian Lockdown that need to be, and should be, amplified. These might include people from minoritised backgrounds, older and younger generations, those living with chronic illnesses or disabilities and their carers, those with no permanent home or, more generally, those who are “digitally excluded”. As many of these people have been the worst affected by the pandemic, it is vital that their experiences be documented.

The event will take place on 12th November 2020, from 3.30pm to 5pm, and is directed primarily at local charitable and third-sector organisations, to allow them to discover the project, to share their thoughts about which stories may remain hidden, and to get involved to help us to uncover them. Organisations who decide to become involved in helping the people they work with to participate in our project can earn £5 for each participant referred by them, in addition to the £15 paid to the participant. 

To find out more about the event, or to register for a ticket, please see our Eventbrite page. And, if you know or work with any local charities who might be interested in attending, feel free to share the event with them!  

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After the event

If, after the event, you would be interested in registering to collaborate with Lothian Lockdown: The Lothian Diary Project, please click the button below! 

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