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Lothian Lockdown: The Lothian Diary Project

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Life after lockdown: The Lothian Diary Project

We’ll be back at the Leith Walk Police Box from 18th-20th November for Life after Lockdown: The Lothian Diary Project, an event organised as part of the 2021 Being Human Festival.

At the event, you’ll have a chance to discover some of what we’ve learned throughout our project, interact with some of our video and audio diaries, and to think back on your own experiences, almost 1.5 years since the first lockdown began.

You can come along and meet us at any of the times listed to the right, and no reservation is required.

We hope to see you there!

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18th November, 2pm-5pm

19th November, 12pm-5pm

20th November, 11am-4pm