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Our hope is that the Lothian Diary Project can be of benefit to our local community during these difficult times.

On this page we showcase our community partners and describe the opportunities for you to help us support Edinburgh and the Lothians.

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Working with Museums and Galleries Edinburgh

The Lothian Diary Project is working with Museums and Galleries Edinburgh to integrate the video and audio diaries of willing participants into their collections, to preserve our experiences of the pandemic for posterity.

Museums and Galleries Edinburgh are also investigating and documenting the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the people of Edinburgh in their ongoing project, Covid-19 Contemporary Collecting. The project seeks to create a collection of objects that have been of significance to Edinburgh residents throughout the lockdown, to create a tangible, physical record of this period in our city’s history.

Reporting to the Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament is working to assess the impact of Covid-19 on the lives and livelihoods of people all across Scotland. At the completion of our project, we plan to prepare a report which we will submit to the parliament’s Covid-19 Committee. It is hoped that our findings will be valuable in helping inform future decision-making, as we continue to deal with the fallout of the pandemic.

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#givingback - How you can help!

The pandemic has hit local businesses and non-profit organisations hard. Despite governmental support, many have suffered financially. Many have been working tirelessly throughout lockdown to support those in need, and are, themselves, in need of support. 

You can make a difference to these organisations, simply by participating in The Lothian Diary Project. You can choose to receive your payment for taking part in the form of a £15 voucher for a local business, to support them as they begin to reopen to the public. Or, you can request that we donate your payment directly to support the work of your favourite charity.

Plus, if you refer the project to someone else you know, you can also earn a further £5 to help those in need.

Let’s start #givingback to our community together!