Lothian Lockdown

Investigating how the Covid-19 lockdown is
changing the lives of people in Edinburgh and the Lothians

Lothian Lockdown: The Lothian Video Diary Project

The Covid-19 lockdown has changed life as we know it. The social distancing and the stay-at-home policies mean that we all have to adapt.
To understand how this is affecting people, the Lothian Video Diary Project is collecting recordings from people in Edinburgh and the Lothians describing their day-to-day lives.

While questionnaires can tell us some things, they can’t convey the reality of the lockdown experience as well as videos can. We want to see and hear your perspective on how life has changed under the lockdown.

  • How have your daily routines and interactions changed?
  • How are you communicating with people?
  • What’s worked and what’s made things difficult?
  • If you’re already making video or audio diaries, then we’re happy to include those in the study as well!

The Lothian Video Project is part of Edinburgh Speaks and made possible by a cross-school collaboration between linguists, psychotherapists, political scientists, and data scientists at the University of Edinburgh.

Our goal is to help Lothian community members, policymakers, and researchers make sense of the experience in the short and long term. We are planning to share (with creator permission) the video diaries on our website and with our partners at Museums and Galleries Edinburgh and the Scottish Parliament.

Anyone from the Lothians region of Scotland is eligible to participate. (Anyone under 16, or anyone who can’t consent for themselves, is welcome to contribute if someone can consent on their behalf).

Each person who uploads a video diary and completes a short survey will be eligible for £15 in thanks from the University of Edinburgh.


We want to see and hear your perspective on how life has changed under the lockdown

Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Watch some of our video diaries 

19 May 2020 – In this example video diary, Stephen tells us about his experiences with face masks during the pandemic.

19 May 2020 – In this example video diary, Isla (P3) tells us about her experiences being at home under lockdown. This video is in Gaelic. (The English translation is on YouTube.)